chrisSince 2007, Skyhawk has positioned itself as a leading, high-volume provider of contractors and technicians specializing in the construction, installation, maintenance, upgrading, and troubleshooting or wireless communication towers. The company is pleased to announce that it has expanded its capabilities to include the wired communications industry. Skyhawk now provides the installers, technicians, and electricians with the necessary skills to install and maintain wired networks and wired infrastructure, cellular network equipment, operating centers, as well as effective wi-fi and cellular network integration.

When asked about the expansion, Business Development Manager Matt Forness said, “It’s exciting to lead Skyhawk in a new direction. Because our new sector runs adjacent to the labor we already provide for wireless tower construction and maintenance, I’m confident that my team will conquer the wired communication sector in no time.”

The core strength of Skyhawk has always been our ability to find the best technicians and contractors working in the wireless sector, and we see wired communications as a natural sector in which to grow. New clients will include civil construction companies, carriers, and central office installation contractors (CO construction contractors). Even with the new direction, Skyhawk will continue to follow strict screening guidelines to provide skilled candidates specializing in ground-based cellular network equipment, wired infrastructure, operating centers, and integration.